Los Angeles Unified School District

Client Name: LAUSD
Building Name: 333 S. Beaudry
Location: 333 S. Beaudry Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Square Footage: 1.4 million
Type Building: Office Tower

333 S. Beaudry is a class B urban office tower located in downtown Los Angeles. The building consists of 28 floors above grade and four floors below, including 11 levels of parking and approximately 4,000 occupants.

What were we hired to do?
Morlin was hired to provide facility and property management in a highly professional and efficient manner. Assignment included establishing operating policies and procedures, developing fire life safety procedures, enhancing security and assisting in over $100 million of deferred maintenance and capital improvement projects.

What were the problems with the property?
When Morlin commenced management of the property in 2002, the building had significant deferred maintenance and was in need of several building and system upgrades. Morlin was directly involved in pursuing reimbursements from the prior master tenant while adapting the building to LAUSD’s use as a headquarters building for the second largest school district in the country.

What did we do to solve the problems?

  • Initiated the development of a comprehensive fire life safety and emergency response program, including customized online training for occupants, ERT members and floor wardens.
  • Retained an on-staff fire life safety systems engineer to provide installation, programming and maintenance of smoke detector, strobe, elevator recall, enunciation, fire panel and smoke evacuation systems. Savings over using outside contractors has exceeded $650,000 to date.
  • Wrote and implemented comprehensive security post orders and coordinated the installation of state-of-the-art controlled access systems.
  • Coordinated an 18 month, $5.5 million elevator modernization project – including minimizing the impact of off-line elevators on District productivity.
  • Implemented a preventive maintenance and service desk system using Maximo to track scheduled maintenance, warranties, capital improvement and repair projects.
  • Initiated and coordinated the development of a custom website for District staff access to forms, policies and procedures.
  • Set up systems to process rent and other vendor payments to avoid the thousands of dollars in late fees the District was incurring. At the same time, careful review of billings resulted in substantial credits from vendors and District landlords for overbilling. Credits exceeded $200,000.
  • Initiated the search for alternative parking locations and negotiated new leases, saving the District in excess of $1.1 million per year.
  • Managed over 500 departmental remodeling projects and moves within, to and from the Headquarters building – including coordinating telecommunications, data lines, furniture, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, construction and the moves themselves. Project management continues through customer satisfaction and full operation in each new location.
  • Established parking validation control systems and cost allocations to minimize abuse by District staff. The District’s overall cost for visitor parking was reduced by $300,000 in the first year.
  • Initiated the re-bidding of food services – including developing the scope of work – which converted the cafeteria from a District-subsidized operation with a national company to a revenue-generating contract with a local regional provider. Concurrently, food pricing is kept below market and variety and customer service has increased significantly.
  • Administered and audited District leases with other landlords to insure accurate CAM billing and other charges. Successes included reimbursements of real estate tax rebates, crediting back mis-allocated CAM charges, redirecting termite remediation costs back to the landlord rather than the District, avoiding a $50,000 leased premises restoration cost by successfully demonstrating that the work was “normal wear and tear.”
  • Developed a comprehensive Incident Command System (ICS) to properly and effectively manage recovery efforts in case of a major emergency event.
  • Established a document retention and destruction policy consistent with District goals and objectives while reducing the need for document storage space.

Why we were hired?
We were selected to manage 333 S. Beaudry due to our reputation and experience managing high rise office buildings in Los Angeles. We competitively bid against several national and local competitors and have successfully won each of the two additional re-bid efforts as required by District policy.
Did the client expand our relationship as a result of the work?

Yes. We initially began with management of 333 S. Beaudry and five additional administrative locations. We currently handle 43 projects for this client. Client confidence has resulted in additional assignments including leasing, financial analysis and direct involvement with charter school and joint use agreements.

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